Price List


All baths include nails clipped and ear cleaning


Full grooms include bath, dematting, clipping, styling, nails clipped, ears cleaned and anything else your pet requires

Handstripping for wire haired breeds available


Short coated dog   £10-20

(Beagles, pugs, Staffies, boxers,Labradors, greyhounds, pointers etc.)


Med-Long coated dogs £22-30

( yorkies, westies, lhaso apso, spaniels, retrievers,GSD etc)


 Poodles and doodles £24-£40

(Cockerpoos, labrdoodles, poodles Schnoodles etc)


Double Coated/thick coated Breeds £34-50

(Newfoundland, Mountain dogs, malamute etc)


Just nails £8


Prices will vary depending on time taken, condition and temperament


Would you like a fixed quote by text or email?


Sometimes it can be hard to guess which group your dog may fit in to as they may be a crossbreed or maybe they look different to their breed standard, if you are unsure please feel free to email or text me a photo of your pet for a no obligation quote I will message you straight back (see contact details below)