My pet doesn’t like other dog’s can he be on his own?

Yes. Your pet/pets will have their own appointment without other dogs present, they will be groomed in a calm safe environment.


Do you groom other animals?

Yes.  I also groom cats, this includes brushing, de-matting, clipping, bathing, nail cutting

I also provide a nail cutting service for other pets such as Guinee pigs, rabbits etc. please call for further information


My dog has sensitive skin, will he be ok with your shampoo?

Yes. I provide a wide variety of shampoos that are mild and sensitive please let me know if your pet has any special requirements.


My dog can only have the shampoo provide by my vet will this be ok?

Yes. Just bring with you to your appointment.


Do you cut nails?

Yes. This is always included for free with any bath or full groom


Do you clean teeth?

Yes. Upon request


Do you pluck and clean ears?

Yes. This is always included for free with any bath or full groom


Should I stay with my pet his/her first time?

In most cases its best to leave your pet to get used to this new experience,  this way they focus on the groomer which helps build a bond making grooming a fun experience  that your pet looks forward to.


Will my dog be left waiting around in a cage?

No. All dogs have my full attention as soon as they arrive and aren’t left alone or waiting at anytime.


My dog has had a bad experience somewhere else,  can you still groom her?

Yes. All dogs deserve to be groomed and to enjoy the experience. I have worked with many dogs that have been turned away from other groomers and I’m always prepared to help any dog regain their trust in the grooming experience


My pet is old and unable stand for long do you think you can still groom him?

Yes.  There is no need for your pet to be standing for a long time the salon is adapted to meet all the needs of your pet young or old.

Frequently Asked Questions